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     United Ostomy Association

                 of Chicago


                           Aurora Ostomy Support Group

Lake County Ostomy Association

Northwest Community Hospital Ostomy Support Group

Ostomy Association of Greater Chicago

Ostomy Support Group of DuPage County

Southwest Suburban Chicago Ostomy Support Group



Our Purpose

The United Ostomy Association of Chicago is a group of independently managed volunteer organizations.  We are composed primarily of people with ostomies.  Our purpose is to offer mutual emotional aid, support and connection through our members who have learned to live life to the fullest with an ostomy.  We provide regular educational programs especially designed for people with ostomies.  Our programs and meetings share communications for us to be informed of the historical as well as cutting edge advancements in medical technology related to ostomy surgery patients.  The leading manufactures' of ostomy equipment regularly attend each of our meetings to seek our input on new experimental developments to enhance ostomy products.  We engage in advocacy in the greater community to communicate and promote the needs of people with ostomies . . . everywhere. 



Our Visitor Program is one of our most important works.  Trained members visit ostomy patients in hospitals, at their homes or on the phone to answer non-medical questions about ostomy issues.  People with brand new ostomies attend our meetings every month.  We publish newsletters, one of which The New Outlook is contained herein in an electronic version, so everyone may stay current about happenings at our associations as well as receive ostomy and health information that is relevant to us.  We all have monthly general meetings, which feature programs of special interest for people with ostomies and allow us to regularly meet and simply talk about all the wonderful things that happened to us since our new life with an ostomy. 


If you would like more information about us or would like someone to contact you personally, e-mail Renard at




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