ABSTUDY Living Allowance 2024 – Amount, Eligibility, and How to Claim?

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Abstudy Living Allowance

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Study Scheme, or ABSTUDY, is a financial aid program that gives money to students who identify as ATSI to support their continued education or attendance at school. Australia’s ABSTUDY Living Allowance 2024 is crucial to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

ABSTUDY Living Allowance 2024

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students may get financial aid via ABSTUDY, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Study Scheme, which enables them to continue their education or pursue other goals.

A living allowance, help with study fees, relocation costs, and travel expenses are just a few of the several ABSTUDY prices that you can be eligible for. 

ABSTUDY is a weekly payment that helps Australian Apprentices and qualified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students pursuing secondary, postsecondary, master’s, and doctoral degrees with living expenses. 

ABSTUDY Living Allowance 2024 Amount

A $38.1 million initiative spread over four years is included in the budget to provide Indigenous secondary school students who receive funding from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Assistance Scheme (ABSTUDY) program more support. 

When it comes to studying abroad, the ABSTUDY program supports apprentices and students who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Your eligibility for Austudy is determined by the results of your assets and income tests. It is also influenced by any long-term income support payments you may have received before filing for Austudy. 

The basic charges for a fortnight are: 

  • If you are single with no children – $639
  • If you are single with children – $806
  • If you are in a couple with no Children – $639
  • If you are in a Couple with Children – $691.80

The additional money that Centrelink is providing to aid individuals amidst the COVID-19 outbreak is known as the Coronavirus Supplement. The extra cost is $550 every two weeks until September 24, 2020. 

The supplement will drop to $250 per two weeks as of this date and remain that way until December 31, 2020. If you receive ABSTUDY Living Allowance payments, you will be immediately eligible for the Coronavirus Supplement.

How to claim for ABSTUDY Living Allowance 2024?

Applying for the ABSTUDY Living Allowance involves several steps:

  • Gather necessary documents, including proof of Indigenous heritage, enrollment in an educational institution, and details of income and assets.
  • Applications can be submitted through the MyGov portal. Students need to create an account if they do not already have one.
  • After applying, it will be assessed by Services Australia. Students might be required to provide additional information or documentation.
  • Once the assessment is complete, students will be notified of the outcome. If successful, they will begin receiving payments according to the schedule.

Am I eligible to get ABSTUDY?

You must be enrolled in secondary, tertiary, or postgraduate (master’s or doctoral) courses, or an Australian Apprenticeship to be eligible for ABSTUDY. 

You must be enrolled in full-time classes or have a concessional study load that has been authorized. Additionally, you must be registered for an approved course. 

Check whether you can acquire ABSTUDY by doing the following:

  • Be an Australian who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; 
  • Participate in an accredited program, such as an apprenticeship or traineeship; 
  • and Not receive additional funding for education or training.
  • Your training, studies, and individual circumstances will determine your eligibility for the various types of rewards.

A duplicate of the 2024 ABSTUDY rate for secondary school students is attached. You may have seen a notable rise in the payment rates compared to prior years. 

This is because beginning on September 20, 2023, ABSTUDY boarding students will also benefit from increases in Rent Assistance and the Working Age and Student Payment.

ABSTUDY Living Allowance Impact on Indigenous Communities

The ABSTUDY Living Allowance has a profound impact on Indigenous communities:

  • Educational Attainment: There is a strong correlation between financial support and educational attainment. By providing the necessary resources, ABSTUDY helps increase graduation rates among Indigenous students.
  • Economic Mobility: Education is a key driver of economic mobility. By supporting students through their educational journeys, ABSTUDY contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty in Indigenous communities.
  • Cultural Empowerment: Education empowers individuals and communities. The support from ABSTUDY allows students to pursue their educational goals while maintaining their cultural identity.

Benefits of the ABSTUDY Living Allowance

The ABSTUDY Living Allowance provides several benefits that significantly impact the lives of Indigenous students:

  • Financial Support: The primary benefit is financial support for living expenses, including accommodation, food, and other essentials. This alleviates the financial stress that often accompanies full-time study.
  • Educational Engagement: By reducing financial burdens, the allowance enables students to focus more on their studies, leading to better educational outcomes.
  • Increased Accessibility: The expanded eligibility and simplified application process mean that more students can access this crucial support.
  • Cultural Recognition: ABSTUDY acknowledges and supports the unique challenges faced by Indigenous students, fostering a sense of inclusion and recognition within the educational system.

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