Federal Government Energy Rebate in Australia – Eligibility Criteria & Payout

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Federal Government Energy Rebate

The rebate provides direct financial relief to eligible households and small businesses. By automatically applying a $300 and $325 annual rebate to electricity bills, it eases the financial burden. The quarterly installments ensure consistent support throughout the year. The program has come into effect from July 1, 2024. 

Federal Government Energy Rebate

The Federal Government Energy Rebate is a financial initiative aimed at promoting energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption. It provides rebates to Australian households and eligible small businesses to encourage sustainable practices and alleviate the burden of electricity costs. 

Households automatically received the rebate on their electricity bills from 1 July 2024. Small businesses must meet specific electricity consumption thresholds to be eligible. The financial impact of this rebate emphasizes potential savings for households and positive effects on the environment.

Federal Government Energy Rebate Amounts

All Australian households will receive a $300 rebate, while eligible small businesses will receive $325 from the Australian Government. These amounts will be paid in quarterly installments on electricity bills throughout 2024-25.

State and territory governments will administer the rebates and deliver payments through retailers.

Every Australian household qualifies for the rebate with regard to income or some other eligibility criteria. The term “household” refers to the entire residence, not individual occupants. Therefore, the rebate applies to each household, not every person living within it.

When will the distribution of Federal Government Energy Rebate Amounts start?

The distribution of rebate amounts began on July 1, 2024. You’ll receive the rebate in quarterly installments on your electricity bill. The initial eligibility date for the rebate’s first installment in Queensland is July 1, 2024. 

Residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA), and Victoria (VIC) become eligible for the first installment of the rebate on July 31, 2024.

Who is eligible to get a Federal Government Energy Rebate Amount?

Eligibility criteria for receiving the Federal Government Energy Rebate Amount are as follows.

  • Every Australian household, including those in external and non-self-governing territories, qualifies for an annual $300 rebate.
  • Households within embedded networks—where electricity is supplied by a strata or landlord (e.g., in apartment buildings or retirement villages)—can seek the rebate by applying to their state or territory government.
  • Small businesses qualify for the $325 annual rebate if they meet their state or territory’s definition of an “electricity small customer.” 
  • To be eligible for the rebate, small businesses must adhere to their state or territory’s annual electricity consumption threshold.
  • Small businesses within embedded networks, including shopping centers, can also apply for the rebate by meeting their state or territory’s criteria for being an “electricity small customer.

How can I receive a Federal Government Energy Rebate?

Let’s explore how you can receive Federal Government Energy Rebate:

For Residential Customers:

  • Residential customers will receive the rebate without any effort on their part—it will automatically appear on their electricity bills in quarterly installments. The initial installment for Queensland (QLD) households will be applied by July 8, 2024, while households in ACT, NSW, SA, and VIC will see it by August 19, 2024.

For Small Business Customers:

  • Small businesses that consume electricity up to or within the specified threshold will receive the rebate automatically. Unfortunately, businesses exceeding this threshold won’t qualify for bill relief. Each state or territory government sets its own threshold.
State  Annual Electricity Consumption Threshold 
NSW 100 MWh
VIC 40 MWh
QLD 100 MWh
SA 160 MWh
ACT 100 MWh
TAS 150 MWh
NT 160 MWh
WA 50 MWh

Why will the Federal Government Energy Rebate be helpful for eligibles?

The Federal Government Energy Rebate in Australia offers several benefits to eligible recipients:

Financial Relief:

  • The rebate provides direct financial assistance to households and small businesses. Eligible recipients receive a $300 and businesses $325 annual rebate, which can help offset energy costs.

Automatic Application:

  • Eligible households don’t need to take any action; the rebate is automatically applied to their electricity bills. This streamlined process ensures that eligible individuals receive the benefit without additional paperwork or applications.

Quarterly Instalments:

  • The rebate is distributed in quarterly installments, providing consistent relief throughout the year. It helps manage energy expenses more effectively.

Support During Energy Transition:

  • As Australia transitions to cleaner energy sources, the rebate assists households and businesses in adapting to changes. It encourages energy efficiency and sustainability.

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